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In life, we face obstacles every day and because of that La Renee Ministries, inc. specifically teaches on how to overcome your obstacles.  Below you will find a few of the topics La Renee Ministries, Inc. teaches at workshops and conference to help transform lives.  These topics tackle you having faith in yourself, faith in your abilities and faith in God!

Who You Are in Christ

How to Overcome Defeat

Victory Over Rejection

Surviving Your Mistakes

Avoiding Deception

Making a Clean Start

Walking in Your Spiritual Authority

Adult and Youth Leadership

Faith in Yourself!
Faith in Your Abilities!
Faith in God!

How to Walk in Excellence

There is Power in Patience

Standing Firm in the Lord

Trusting God for Deliverance

Peace of God and Worry

Peer Pressure

Managing Your Emotions

Where is the Unity

Call us to discuss specific topics for your event!
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